Claire and Max find their values put to the test when best friends Alex and Elena announce they are having a baby. Claire is climbing the corporate ladder in advertising, while her husband Max is a puppeteer for PBS. With friends entering into parenthood, they ask: What happened to the indie-rock kids that hated everything their parents believed in? 2W, 2M, 1G

Production History: Speakeasy Stage Company in Boston (Jan-Feb 2015)

Published by Dramatists Play Service


On his way home after a year in East Africa, a young aid worker goes back to a shabby Amsterdam hotel room with a fellow American. The two strangers replay their pasts and confess their shared fear that they betrayed the people who needed them most. 2M

Production History: To be produced in 2017-18 at the Huntington Theater in Boston.


A young actress falls for an actor old enough to be her father. A young man brings home a boyfriend old enough to be his stepfather. A teenage boy and girl consummate their high school love, only to discover that both of them like boys. A novel for the stage full of unspeakably dirty things.  2W, 2M

Production History: Currently in development with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater


In the summer of 1992 in Medford, New Jersey, Adam and his gang of friends face life after high school.  But when the fivesome encounter a mysterious visitor from another world, their lives are forever changed. A dark comedy about that time when everything and nothing seems possible. 4M, 2W

Production History: To be produced by the Amoralists at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. Early versions staged with Theatre of NOTE (LA) and Stable Cable (NYC).


Charles, a disgraced New York Times journalist, arrives in Rwanda for an exclusive interview with two Hutu nuns. Charged with homicide, the nuns must convince the world of their innocence during the 1994 genocide or face a lifetime in prison. When an unknown survivor contradicts their story, Charles must choose which version of the truth to tell the world.  3M, 2W

Production History: Theatre503 in London (May-June 2015) and 59E59 Theatres in New York (Aug-Sept 2015)

Published by Methuen Drama and Dramatists Play Service


Malcolm, a devoted son, floats on a bed with his mother on an endless sea, as Gabrielle, an Eastern European actress, awakes to a new life in America. Meanwhile, Nate is on the run from a faceless interrogator. These three strangers discover that a mysterious corporation bonds them together. 3M, 3W, 1G

Production History: 59E59 Theatres in New York (Aug-Sept 2013) and First Floor Theater in Chicago (Feb-March 2016, return engagement July 2016)

Published by Dramatists Play Service


A grieving husband hires a dying woman to deliver a message to his recently deceased wife in the afterlife. When he receives letters describing events that only his wife could know, he must determine if the correspondence is from a con artist or if his wife has returned from the grave.  2M, 1W

Production History: Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre in New York (Jan-March 2014)

Published by Dramatists Play Service


Armed with art and flowers, Stan discovers his girlfriend Annie wants to take a break. Meanwhile, long-term boyfriends Aaron and Marcus struggle with the question of monogamy. In a city with too many options, the lives of these two couples (and their friends) become intertwined when Stan and Marcus meet online and hook up. 4M, 3W

Production History: Summer Play Festival at the Public Theater in New York (July 2009)

Published by Dramatists Play Service

Adapted into a feature-length film by the author


A professor fascinated by a case of medical racism finds herself forced to choose between intellectual curiosity and a career. But in fighting her department chair and navigating her husband’s sobriety, she learns right and wrong is rarely simple. Inspired by the strange and troubling case of Henrietta Lacks. 2W, 3M

Production History: Developed with The Civilians R&D Group and New Dramatists


After the sudden death of his sister, Marvin turns to his girlfriend, therapist and co-worker for comfort, only to find himself alone in his grief. Then he loses his cell phone. When he calls his number in hopes of retrieving the phone, a mysterious woman answers. Marvin finds himself falling for this mysterious stranger. But things are never what they seem. 3M, 2W

Production History:  The Committee Theatre in New York (2007), Stage Left/The Mill in Chicago (2009) and Open Circle in Seattle (2011)

Published by Dramatists Play Service


Married for a decade, Kevin and Theo are the ideal couple in the eyes of their families. But at dinner this Sunday, Kevin and Theo have big news. A comedy about the tragedy of love. 3M, 2W

Production history: Currently in development at PlayLabs at the Playwrights' Center

WASPS (an adaptation of Aristophanes)

Bedazzler just wants a little refinement, but it's hard when your dad is a war vet addicted to beer, trailer park women, and jury duty. With the help of her libidinous gal pals, Bedazzler devises a plan to put her old man on the straight and narrow, but, as with most Greek comedies, Fate won't make it easy.  3M, 4W plus 2 puppeteers

Production History: Developed by Studio 42 in New York (2013) and Target Margin (2007).